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“In Stop the Bleeding Zahra Heydari helps readers heal from their past to create a better more fulfilled life. Zahra’s journey is incredibly inspiring, and through her own sharing she inspires others to rise above any difficult circumstances they may face in their own lives. This book will give you the practical tools to transform and is perfect for anyone who feels like they don’t know where to start. Zahra is a force of wisdom, compassion, and love, and I hope this book gets in as many hands as possible as we all continue to heal ourselves and our world.”

-Dr. Nicole LePera, The Holistic Psychologist, New York Times Bestselling Author of How to Do the Work 

“Zahra is a gifted soul who is bringing healing wherever she goes. She has helped many of my friends through difficult times with her amazing wisdom and compassion. She is a gift to this universe. “

— Tim Storey, Best Selling Author & Life Coach, Los Angeles

Stop The Bleeding is a practical and much needed resource for anyone struggling to heal from emotional trauma. Zahra's compassion, loving heart, and wisdom shines through in this book.
I highly recommend it!”

-Lewis Howes, New York Times Bestselling Author of The School of Greatness

"Zahra not only stopped years of emotional bleeding, she gave me tools to regain my footing and restore my empty toolbox."

— David Sams, Emmy winning Producer, Director & Writer, Nashville

“Zahra has helped me tremendously in so many ways. From her intense wisdom to her kind spirit to her immense insight, I don’t know how I would have gotten through so many tough times without her guidance. She deeply cares, which is so rare to find. I truly feel so blessed to have her in my life.”

-Tara Mackey, Best Selling Author, Musician & Influencer, Los Angeles

“Zahra has an incredible ability to get to the heart of your issue(s) and come up with quick solutions!”

— Tracey A., Santa Cruz

 “Zahra definitely taught me how to challenge the expectations of how I perceived myself and my relationships, making sure that I give myself time to grow and evaluate my decisions and making the best choices for my future.”

— Anonymous, Los Angeles

Zahra Heydari LMFT’s new book Stop The Bleeding is available here! This much anticipated book reveals the secret to Zahra’s unique approach to crisis intervention and her poignant and powerful skill set to help you STOP THE BLEEDING in your own heart, your relationship and/or your family.

“Your pain leads to progress. Your progress leads to power.”

-Zahra Heydari, LMFT

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