About Zahra Heydari, LMFT

If you feel lost, have no hope, no faith in you, in love, in joy, you need Zahra!!

Zahra has 14 years’ experience in mental health, coaching, crisis
intervention, and relationship issues. Zahra’s work is powerful.   She works within a holistic approach that includes addressing the whole person, body, mind and spirit.  Zahra respects your time, honors your
journey and has faith that you deserve to have it all!

Zahra ‘s style of coaching is fast, effective, and empowering. No matter where you are in your journey, what age, what stage, she is here to hold your
hand and walk with you to you’re the best chapter in your life.

Zahra found the love of her life when she was 49 years old and got married at 52 years. Zahra loves being a grandma, mom, wife, healer, coach, friend, mentor, sister, whoever you need in your journey to come home to you.